Being a writer, poster distributor, bike mechanic, and vagabond sure can take a toll on a gal. As you can see from my post on being bad at things, I’m still figuring out a lot in life, but I do have a lot of heart. if you happen to like what you read here, consider donating a few dollars my way to help pay for gas (station food), or else picking up a copy of one of my books. If you’d like to hire me to write a poem, guest blog post, or anything else, shoot me an email and I’m happy to discuss rates! Once I get them organized, I’ll put some testimonials up here, but in the meantime I can only offer my good word for it.

  • Donations are an easy way to set up how much you’d like to throw me. Got more coins in that jar than you thought? Help a writer out!
  • Storm the Muse is a chapbook I put together of some of the poems I wrote during my Tupelo Press 30/30 Project, in October 2014. See the Contact tab to check out some YouTube clips of my reading these poems, to whet your palate.
  • Glossary of Tania Aebi is available through Finishing Line Press, and you can also order it directly from me.

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