Where Fairies Play

While I organize my thoughts, here is my fried and travel mate Erika’s fabulous take on our trekking adventure in Newfoundland.


Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels.  But their magic sparkles in nature.  ~Lynn Holland


I didn’t know this, but there are fairies in Newfoundland.

Always thought they were sweet little angels. Tinkerbells. Playful, delicate, dancing. Not in Newfoundland though. Here they are mischievous and wary of strangers entering their domain. So one has to be careful. Carry a coin in the pocket or a piece of bread or wear one’s jacket inside out. I considered doing all three, but settled for the coin. Duly protected, I felt safe enough to enter their sanctuary,

the East Coast Trail…


Imagine an enchanted forest.
A place where fairies might play.
A place filled with moss and fern and mushrooms and berries.
Especially berries.


Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, partridge berries, cloud berries.
Imagine fields of wild flowers.
Delicate roses along the path, its pink petals scattered to ease the way.


Imagine walking along cliffs…

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